Finding the Right Artwork for You

It’s no secret, we at OzBid Auctions love art! But we understand that sometimes it’s difficult to know what type of art you’re really looking for – should you wait until a piece of art takes your breath away? Or will you learn to love something over time?

Art is open to interpretation. Everyone will develop a personal connection with a specific piece and will learn to appreciate different aspects of the artwork over time.
Here are our top three tips when looking for the perfect piece of art:

1. Get inspired – often the perfect piece of art won’t find you, you need to find it! Pick up a magazine or jump on tumblr (stuckwithartblock is one of our favs!) for a little bit of art inspiration. Expanding your mind will help you narrow down exactly what you’re looking to buy.

2. Know your style – Whether it’s Aboriginal, contemporary, fine or historical, you need to understand what style you connect with before making a purchase. Art is purely subjective, so above all else, you need to love the piece you’re buying!

3. Consider the space – Keeping in mind the environment – like dimensions and colour scheme – of the space you’ll frame that piece of art to ensure your new purchase is a source of pride in your home.  Avoid patterns or colours that clash, and ensure the artwork’s size complements the room.