Tammy Pitjara

Tammy Pitjara is from Utopia, Central Desert Australia, North-East of Alice Springs.

Tammy’s dreaming was taught to her by her renowned grandmother, the late Emily Kame Kngwarreye, who has been acclaimed as Australia’s most prestigious female Indigenous artist.

Her dreaming including Bush Leaves, Bush Yam Dreaming and Awelye (Body Paint) encapsulates the desert lands of Utopia. In addition, Tammy’s latest body of work depicting the ‘Bush Plum’ is an avid representation of the dreaming she has inherited from her grandmother, Emily Kame Kngwarreye.

One of Tammy’s most recognisable styles is her depiction of Bush leaves. The intricate strokes used by Tammy, allow for the canvas to be filled with thousands of fluid bush leaves, beginning at a centre point and opening out.

Another of Tammy’s signature styles is that of the ‘Bush Plum’ and ‘Bush Yam Flower’. These depictions of her sacred dreaming often incorporate a softer colour palette in conjunction with her unique painting technique, making the Bush Plum and Bush Yam Flowers appear to fan out onto the canvas. In addition, as these works are multilayered, the observer is able to witness a myriad of tones coming through the canvas at varying angles.

Tammy’s works’ are a bold and beautiful representation of her dreaming, which is further heightened through the use of warm, bright colours.