Roma Butler

Roma Butler was born in 1959 at Wilu Rock Hole. Roma is the cousin of the internationally acclaimed Indigenous artist Tommy Watson Yannima and is the Aunty of the highly sought after artist, Jorna Newberry.

Roma paints a colourful and unique representation of her dreaming ‘Tjamuka Ngua’ representing her country and spirituality. The artist does this by encompassing both bold line work and a vivid colour palette to bring her works to life!

In addition, Roma also paints ‘Two Sister Dreaming’, which is associated with Irruntju Women’s business and the sacred closed ceremonies, which occur in her community.

As a result, Roma’s illustrations can are often referred to as stunning representations of the formation of the land sacred to her.

Roma has been exhibited in galleries throughout Australia and holds collections in both the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the National Gallery of Australia.