Rini Tiger

Rini Tiger is an Indigenous artist from the country Piltardi, who began painting in approximately 2008.

Piltardi Country in Amata is a community in South Australia approximately 120km south of Uluru and 500kms southwest of Alice Springs.

Rini is the daughter of the acclaimed artist Tiger Palaptja. As a result, Rini learnt her painting style from her father and her dreaming ‘Perentie Man’ was passed on to her as a sacred story from Piltardi country.

Rini has had her works exhibited in galleries nationwide both as solo and group exhibitions.

The colour palette utilised by Rini is bold and warm, creating a beautifully balanced depiction of her country and the sacred Dreaming that evolves from it. In accordance with strong dot work and defined lines, Rini’s work are distinct and unique.