Rex Sultan Jabangardi

Rex Sultan Jabangardi is the grandson of Sultan Cameleer Mohammed of Kandahar, who worked across central desert Australia. Rex’s Father then married a woman from Barrow Creek approximately 300kms north of Alice Springs, where Rex was born.

Rex considered the renowned Albert Namatjira his idol, and his artistic abilities were influenced by Albert from a young age as well as being taught by other Arrente artists. Rex completed his first painting at the age of 13.

Rex is most recognised for his depictions of Fire Dreaming and Spinefex Grass which portray his country in a highly detailed and textured fashion on the canvas.

Fire Dreaming is an important Dreamtime story as the Earth’s natural elements hold a great spiritual significance to Indigenous peoples in Central Desert Australia. It is believed that the fire passing through the bush is a sign of new life about to emerge.

Similarly, the Spinifex grass depicted in Rex’s illustrations resemble a sacred part of his land, as Spinefex is not only native to his country but also has a wide range of practical uses from harvesting it’s natural resin.

Rex’s painting style incorporates a deep combination of colour and fine line work, producing highly contemporary depictions of his spirituality.