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Radishka is a Sydney based Australian contemporary artist, who’s beautiful figurative works in oil, acrylics and water colours have captivated the attention of many. 

Although the artist is primarily self-taught, she has descended from a family of creatives with in art and film. 

Radishka’s works are inspired by the artist’s passion for painting and travel. The artist’s ‘Wanderlust series’ of paintings in particular, were Inspired by her love for travel, nostalgic old movies and the arm chair traveller. 

The artist said that her, “ideal life is to paint with no pause button” and lives true to this ethos having painted throughout her travels of Turkey, Egypt, Hawaii, Australia, Sri Lanka, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, the West and East Coast of the USA and Bali. 

With richly saturated hues and evocative forms, Radishka aims to capture the soul to seek those blissful places and serve as a reminder to live the ride, one brush stroke at a time…