Nola Campbell Napaltjarri

Nola Campbell Napaltjarri was born in 1948 and is from Kiwirrkurra in the Northern Territory.

Nola grew up living a traditional lifestyle travelling through the land with her parents and aunty and uncle as a young girl.

Nola predominately paints ‘Tika Tika’ resembling the rock holes at Patjarr. Patjarr was said to have been made by Ngirntaka, the perentie goanna. The goanna stopped here for one night before continuing west on his journey towards Warburton.

Nola lived at Tika Tika before the Patjarr community was established, where she camped as a young girl with her father, and her uncles and aunties.

Nola’s artworks are beautifully unique, encompassing a ranging of vibrant, bold colours, which energetically resemble her sacred rock holes.