Margaret Wallace

Margaret Wallace was born in around 1966 in the famous Aboriginal artist community of Utopia (350km north east of Alice Springs) in the Northern Territory.

Utopia has a thriving artist community and is the birthplace of many celebrated artists, including Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Gloria, Kathleen, Rosemary and Ada Bird Petyarre.

Margaret depicts her sacred spirituality entrenched in Utopian culture in the forms of ‘Bush Leaves, ‘Bush Banana’, ‘Bush Flowers’, ‘Bush Tucker’ and ‘Body Paint’

Across her paintings, Margaret utilises a bright colour palette bringing her canvasses to life! Showcasing the her artistic influence from her time in Santa Teresa, Margaret paints exhibiting circular patterns created with intricate dot work. This can be seen most evidently in her beautiful representations of ‘Body Paint’.