Margaret Lewis Napangardi

Margaret Lewis Napangardi was born around 1956 and belongs to the Warlpiri people of Yuendumu, 300kms North-west of Alice Springs. Margaret is the daughter of artist Paddy Lewis Japanangka and sister of the late, renowned artist Dorothy Napangardi. Margaret is also related to artists Maggie and Judy Watson Napangardi.

Margaret began painting in the 1980’s, starting on Batik like many Warlpiri artist women at the time.

It was not long after that Margaret developed her own unique style, depicting her dreamtime stories on canvas. Margaret’s dreaming focuses on her country ‘Janyinki’ and ‘Mina Mina’. Her depictions of Mina Mina are so unique as Margaret incorporates Tali (Sand Hills), rock holes and salt lakes.

Margret’s work’s are not only distinct but collectable, as she has been featured in exhibitions nationwide.

Margret’s works are enhanced through the use of intricate dot work, creating a circular pattern, which draws the viewer into the painting.  In conjunction with monochrome colours, complemented with shades of browns and orange, Margaret’s depiction of Mina Mina, portrays a traditional creation story in a contemporary fashion.