Lorna Ward Napanangka

Lorna Ward Napanangka was born around 1960 in Papunya and is the daughter of Timmy Payungka Tjapangardi, one of the founding Papunya Tula artists.
Lorna moved to Kintore and started painting in 1996, with her works often representing that of ‘Marrapinti’ a sacred site in Kintore.
In addition, Lorna paints her Dreaming as ‘Warren Creek Ceremony’ and ‘My Country’.

In 1999 Lorna contributed to the collaborative work created for the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.
Since this time, Lorna has been exhibiting her works both nationally and internationally!
In 2002, Lorna was a finalist in the prestigious Telstra Art Prize.

Lorna’s works depict her sacred ceremonies and her Country in a way which is distinct and unique. The artist utilises a strong painting technique which highlights bold and defined lines in association with detailed dot work. The colour palette used by Lorna is bright, incorporating natural ochres, red, orange and even monochrome tones in her amazing illustrations.