Lizzie Pwerle

Lizzie Pwerle is an Indigenous artist from the famous artist community of Utopia approximately 240 kms north east of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Lizzie comes from a long line of renowned artists and is the first cousin of the highly acclaimed ‘Pwerle Sisters’ comprising of Emily Pwerle, Minnie Pwerle, Molly Pwerle and Galya Pwerle.

Like the Pwerle sisters, Lizzie too began her artistic career in the early 1970’s working on Batik. As the Contemporary Aboriginal Art movement evolved, so too did Lizzie’s painting medium and as such, Lizzie now paints her depictions of her Dreaming on canvas.

Like many renowned Utopian women, Lizzie paints ‘Awelye’ representing the traditional body paint design held sacred, and utilised during the traditional, closed women’s ceremonies.

Lizzie’s style is distinct as she ulitises intricate dot work and a primarily monocrhome colour palette, making her works highly contemporary.