Jorna Newberry

Jorna Newberry is an Indigenous female artist from Angus Downs in the Northern Territory. Jorna was born in 1959 and is a Pijantjatjara woman who now resides in both Alice Springs and her traditional land in Warakurna with her family.

Jorna is the niece and was the carer of the internationally acclaimed Aboriginal artist, the late Tommy Watson Yannima. As a result, she was artistically influenced by her famous uncle and has now become a renowned artist in her own right.

Jorna is most recognised for her representation of ‘Fire Dreaming’. This story depicts the creation of the artist’s sacred land and the power of the Earth’s natural elements. 

In addition, Jorna paints stunning representations of her Country titled “Walpa Tjukurpa” or “My Country”. Jorna’s arial depictions of her land utilise deep, rich colours which acknowledges the sacred ancestral sprits, who defined the landscape of her country. 

Jorna’s unique style makes her a highly sought after artist who has been exhibited in galleries throughout Australia.

The intricate, fine line work utilised by the artist in association with her attention to detail, make Jorna’s works truly remarkable representations of her innate Dreaming. This is enhanced with her deep and bold colour palette, which beautifully represents the natural element of fire and the power seen in it’s movement.