Giada Pasquetto is an Italian and Australian contemporary artist who was born in Italy in 1991. 

Giada has always been captured by the world of art from a young age and developed her creative passion when she completed her Diploma of Interior Design in Verona, Italy. 

The artist then migrated to Australia where she worked professionally as a Chef for over ten years but Giada’s passion for painting could not go unnoticed. 

After learning how to convey her creativity through tattoo art, the artist then moved to the canvas as a full-time, professional artist and this is where Giada’s emotive style came to life!

Giada is inspired by the natural landscape of the world but wants to convey her environment in a unique and abstract way. As such, the artist uses a variety of bold and contrasting colours to bring her major, abstract paintings to life. Giada says that when she paints, she is able to escape from reality and this is what she wants to share with the world though her uplifting and vibrant pieces!