George Ward Tjungurrayi

George Ward Tjungurrayi was born in around 1945 in the outback south-east of Kiwirrkura, Western Australia. Like many people of his generation, George grew up living a traditional nomadic lifestyle. Travelling vast distances by foot, hunting and gathering in the harsh desert environment.

George eventually moved to Papunya (240kms northwest from Alice Springs), where he started to paint during the Desert Art movement boom of the 1970-90’s. George learned to paint alongside other talented founding members of the movement, including Clifford Possum and his brother Willy Tjungurrayi.

George’s paintings are interpretation of “Tingari” and Dreaming associated with a sacred site in his country. The big lake site of “Kaakuratintja” (Lake Macdonald), where a large group of Tingari spirit men travelled through on their way east, forming the landscape and waterways.

In 2004 George won the prestigious “Wynne” Australian landscape prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for his unique interpretation of Australian scenery. George has also exhibited in many galleries throughout the world.