George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi

George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi is a Pintupi speaking artist, born around 1947 North-west of Kiwirrkurra near Kintore.

George started painting in about 1976 after travelling from the desert via Mount Doreen and Yuendumu, to become one of the youngest male artists to paint for the Papunya Tula art movement.

George began painting with his older brother Willy Tjungurrayi and was influenced by his uncle Charlie Tarawa Tjungurrayi who was a teacher at Papunya Tula.

George’s signature work ‘Tingari’ depicts his dreaming, which focuses on the creation of his country their the sacred sites.

The high caliber of George’s works has been internationally recognised with his paintings hanging in galleries and museums across Australia, New Zealand, The United States of America, France and The Netherlands.

In 2008, George Hairbrush was also titled, ‘the most collectable artist’ by The Australian Art Collector magazine.

George’s bold lines painted in a geometric style, make his Tingari works appear almost three-dimensional, jumping off the canvas and capturing the eye.

His use of monochrome colours complemented with a strikingly bright background, make George Hairbrush’s Tingari a remarkably unique style of Aboriginal Art.