Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra

Elizabeth was born in 1959 in the remote Kintore region of the Northern Territory, located about 530km west of Alice Springs . She was raised in Papunya by her famous step-father Turkey Tolson and her uncle Johnny Warrankula, both founding members of the Papunta Tula movement.

Elizabeth was introduced to painting by helping her artist husband, Mick Namerari Tjapaltjarri. Since his death in 1998, Elizabeth has become a well respected artist in her own right.

Elizabeth is known for her Escher-like, geometric painting style. Her paintings include Dreamtime stories from her fathers land Kalipinya, 400 kilometres West of Alice Springs. Theme’s include lightning, thunder, flooding, creeks and rock holes.

Elizabeth has had many solo and group exhibitions. Her work can be found in many public and private collections.