Eileen Napaltjarri

DOB: 1956
REGION: Haasts Bluff, NT

Eileen Napaltjarri is a female Indigenous Artist from the community of Haasts Bluff in the Northern Territory. Eileen was born in 1956 and is the daughter of two well-established Indigenous Artists. Her father, Charlie Tararu Tjunurrayi was one of the founding members of Papanya Tula and her mother, Tatali Nangala was also a successful Papanya Tula artist. 

Eileen began painting for Papunya Tula in about 1999 and was named in the top 50 Most collectable Australian Artists in 2008.

Eileen’s artworks are symbolic of her country and as such she predominately paints, ‘Soakage Site at Tjiturrulpa’. 

The colours used by the artist are bold, bright and highly contrasting, creating beautiful, contemporary representations of her country.