Debra McDonald Nangala

Deborah McDonald Nangala was born around 1963 and comes from Papunya in the Northern Territory.

Deborah is the daughter of Shorty Lungkata Tjungurrayi who originates from Lake McDonald in the Gibson Desert. Deborah is also married to the nephew of Turkey Tolsen who is the son of acclaimed artist Mitjili Napurrula.

As Deborah learnt her Dreaming from her father who’s stories originated from Lake McDonald, Deborah also depicts her cultural heritage in her works.

Deborah predominately paints “My Country” and “Goanna Love Story”.

“My Country” refers to the sacred landscape of the Gibson Desert and Papunya. Deborah paints her country as a topographical depiction, utilising earthly tones and strong dot work.

Deborah’s depiction of “Goanna Love Story” are highly detailed, incorporating fine dot work and a bold use of lines to create truly unique pieces of Aboriginal art.