David Hinchliffe

David Hinchliffe is an Australian a painter, sculptor and photographer from Queensland who is considered one of Australia’s great contemporary impressionist artists.

The artist began his artistic career from the young age of twelve, winning many young artist awards including the Sunday Mail Art Prize, the ABC Argonauts Award, Atlantic Sculpture Award, Toowoomba Gemini Prize as well as being a regular finalist in the Tattersalls Landscape Prize. David had his first solo exhibition in 1976 in Toowoomba at age 21.

The artist has developed his works under the guidance of renowned Australian artists including: John Rigby, Tomas McAuly, Rex Blackhaus Smith and William Robinson.

David Hinchliffe has had his pieces showcased both in Australia and overseas, painting extensively in the United States and United Kingdom from 1970 onwards.

In addition, the artist has exhibited his works in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, London, The Australian Consulate, New York, Soho and Paris.

As the artists career developed David had much success in numerous art prizes winning the Sunday Mail Colour Magazine Award, the Atlantic City Sculpture Award, The Gemini Art Award and has been a six-time finalist in the Tattersalls Landscape Prize!

David’s use of an uplifting, bold colour palette when drawing focus on the unique sounds and interactions of urban city landscapes, paves way for an intriguing and beautifully captured perspective of everyday life.