David Bromley

David Bromley is an Australian Artist who was born in 1960 in England. He is best known for his portrait, female nude artworks but is also a renowned potter and sculptor. Bromley is also avidly recognised for his children, butterfly and bird paintings.

As a result Bromley’s most major bodies of work are ‘The boys own adventure project’, ‘Butterflies’ and ‘The female nude series’.

Bromley along with his wife Yuge Yu established Bromley and CO and now reside with their six children in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria.

Bromley’s nudes portray the female form in an artistic, contemporary style. The artist utilises unique mediums such as bold acrylic paints along with silver and gold leaf to create truly mesmerising depictions of his subjects. His Butterflies are Pop portrayals on this delicate subject’s form. The Children Series is a body of work that reminisces on a childhood of the days past.

Since establishing himself in the mid 1980’s, Bromley has had over 30 solo exhibitions across Australia and overseas. He has also been a named finalist in the prestigious Archibald prize six times.