David Boyd

David Boyd is an Australian figurative painter, sculptor and potter born in 1924 and sadly passed away in November 2011.

In 1949 he along with his brother Arthur Boyd, began their high quality pottery business but Boyd later moved onto painting and started painting professionally in 1957.

David’s first body of work reflected that of Australian explorers. This was a result of David participating as one of the artists in the Antipodean Manifesto along with renowned artists like Charles Blackman, Arthur Boyd and Sidney Nolan.

Throughout David’s career, he produced several major bodies of work which illustrated the juxtapositions between that of innocence and evil and creation and destruction. In addition, his works include elements of fantasy through incorporating often mythical images.

David Boyd’s series included ‘Trial’, ‘Tasmanian Aborigines’, ‘Wanderer’ and ‘Exiles’ and later, Boyd’s series have included representations of planes and birds, namely the Cockatoo.

David Boyd is represented by the Australian National Gallery in Canberra and is exhibited throughout regional and state galleries across Australia. In addition, Boyd has been avidly featured internationally, particularly in the the United States of America.

David Boyd’s reputation has only heightened since his death, serving as a true testament to his work. David Boyd will go down as one of Australia’s greatest artists of all time.