Damien Marks Tjangala

Damien Marks Tjangala (1967) is a brilliantly gifted Aboriginal artist from Haasts Bluff, also known as Ikuntji. He is renowned for painting with his wife Yilpi Marks Atira.

Haasts Bluff is a small Indigenous community in Central Australia, a region of the Northern Territory. The community is located in the MacDonnell Shire local government area, 227 kilometres west of Alice Springs.

Damien later relocated to the famous Indigenous artist community in Papunya (240km northwest of Alice Spings). In Papunya he was mentored by well-respected artists, including Billy Stockman and Clifford Possum. He is married to talented artist, Yilpi Marks Atira.

Damien paints “My Country” – the stories of his land and Dreamings, executed in distinctive, eye-popping designs and bold colours. Along with his wife, they illustrate ‘Our Country’ in in a beautiful culmination of colour.

Damien is a bright spark whose artworks are fast becoming highly sought after by collectors worldwide.