Damien Marks Tjangala & Yilpi Marks Atira

Damien Marks Tjangala and Yilpi Marks Atira are a talented duo from central Australia. Damien is from the remote Haasts Bluff community “Ikuntji” in the Northern Territory (227km west of Alice Springs). Yilpi is from the very remote “Pukatja” community in South Australia. Pukatja is about 1400km by road from Adelaide, including 200km on unsealed roads.

Both artists come from artistic family backgrounds and both are very talented artists in their own right. Damien establishing his exceptional talents at the famous Papunya Tula arts centre. Here he learned to paint alongside some of the greats, likes of Clifford Possum and Billy Stockman.

Damien and Yilpi together paint their interpretation of “My Country”, executed in distinctive eye popping designs and bold colours.