Cowboy Loy (Louie) Pwerle

Cowboy Loy Pwerle was born around 1941 at a sheep camp on Old McDonald Station, in the Northern Territory, Australia. He worked many years as a stockman on Central Australian properties where his reputation as a stockman and his western style dress earned him the name Cowboy.

He is the younger brother of Louie Pwerle (deceased) who was an important Utopian artist and is an Eastern Anmatyerr speaker.

His traditional country lies on the Western side of the Sandover River on Utopia station and stretches west on to Mt Skinner. Cowboy Loy depicts his Turkey Dreaming over various traditional sites on Utopia. He also paints Emu (Ankerr) Tucker Dreaming and Lizard (Arlewatyerr) Dreaming.