Charlie Tjapangati

Charlie Tjapangati was born in c.1949 at born at the remote community of Tjulurrunya, west of Kiwirrkura in Western Australia in the Gibson Desert (1,200 km east of Port Hedland and 850 km west of Alice Springs).

As a young man, Charlie moved to the famous Indigenous artist community in Papunya (240km north west of Alice Springs). Papunya is known as the birthplace of the desert art movement initiated by Geoffrey Bardon in 1971, who was a schoolteacher in Papunya.

After many years of watching the older men and women painting their Dreamings, Charlie started painting for the now famous Papunya Tula arts centre in 1978.

Charlie’s talent was quickly recognised and he was soon travelling around Australia and overseas for exhibitions during the desert art movement ‘boom’ of the 1980’s-90’s.

Charlie’s artworks depict the significant ceremonial story of the Tingari Cycle. Tingari cycle is the creation mythology of the Australian Aboriginal people. Tingari is described as ancient Dreamtime ancestral spirits who travelled across the landscape performing ceremonies to create and shape the country associated with Dreaming sites.

Charlie’s artworks are held in collections and galleries around the world.