Charles Blackman

Charles Blackman was born in 1928 is an Australian Artist who is predominantly self-taught. However he attended classes at East Sydney Technical College in the early 1940’s.

In 1953 Blackman co-founded the Melbourne Contemporary Art Society, and was one of the seven artists who were responsible for rejecting the rise of abstract impressionism during the Antipodean Manifesto.

Blackman is most recognised for his Alice in Wonderland series of paintings, a series of artworks which denoted Blackman his signature style in modern figurative art.

As a result, Charles Blackman can be considered a powerful painter, in that he captures the complex workings of the human mind, creating somewhat melancholy and yet truly inspiring, pieces of art. The beauty captured in Blackman’s works are said to arise from the raw, inner workings of his artistic mind, which are so accurately illustrated by him. Blackman’s use of contrast in addition to his signature ‘washed out’ colour palette, make his works both distinct and highly collectable.

In 1997, Charles Blackman was awarded the Order of the British Empire for his artistic services.

He is featured in major galleries and exhibitions worldwide, with many of his major pieces being sold at over five hundred thousand dollars.