Annie Hunter

DOB: 1964
LANGUAGE: Alyawarr
REGION: Utopia, Northern Territory

Annie Hunter born in 1964 is from the famous artist community of Utopia, Northern Territory (approximately 350kms north east of Alice Springs). Annie is the sister of artists Susan, Jessie and Sandy Hunter who all depict the sacred women’s business within their country onto the canvas. 

Annie has been heavily involved in the Aboriginal Art Movement which began in the late 1970’s. As a result, Annie began painting on Batik before moving onto canvas. 

Annie had her batik selected for the Holmes a Court Exhibition which toured nationally and internationally. In addition Annie’s later bodies of work on canvas have been featured in exhibitions both Australia wide and internationally!

Annie traditionally paints “Awelye” representing the sacred women’s business and body paint, painted on the women of her community during closed tribal ceremonies. The Awelye story is specific to Utopia and is held sacred by many women of this area. 

The artist paints with a fine dot style and traditionally incorporates deeper, natural tones to exhibit her Dreaming in a traditional yet contemporary fashion.