Andrea Adamson

DOB: 1973 


LANGUAGE: Pintjantjatjara 

Andrea Adamson was born in 1973 and is a well established artist from the artist community of Amata in South Australia, 480kms from Alice Springs. 

She is the daughter of well known artist Kukika Adamson. 

Andrea spent much of her life living in Alice Springs where she worked as a tour guide in Uluru. 

It was here where Andrea began developing her sacred illustrations representing her country. 

Andrea predominantly paints ‘My Country’ a colourful and intricately dotted representation of her sacred land and the natural landmarks that make it so unique. These include the sacred waterholes and sand hills. In addition Andrea also tells of the Seven Sisters Dreamtime story, where by as the seven sisters were travelling through their country they were pursued by the Wati man. 

Andrea Adamson, like many famous South Australian artists has a distinct dotting style, where by the individual dots come together to create bold sections of colour on the canvas. In turn, the artist creates vivid depictions of her country, incorporating contrasting colours which heighten the natural movement of her paintings.