Alison Riley Munti

Alison Riley Munti was born in 1966 in Pukatja (formerly known as Ernabella) South Australia and now resides in Amata South Australia with her family.
Alison is the daughter of the highly regarded artist Betty Munti who works at Tjala Arts.
Alison began to paint in about 2006 in Tjala Art Centre, influenced by the knowledge and experience of her mother.
She began painting on Batik but has now moved her dreaming onto canvas.

Alison’s dreaming includes, My Country, Wild Fig, Lizard and Snake Dreaming.

Alison’s use of bold earthly colours and heavy dot work in her illustration of ‘My Country’ creates a vivid aerial view of the landscape and the journey in which her ancestors travelled. The combination of her story and strong painting style make Alison a sought after, upcoming Aboriginal artist.