Agnes Rubuntja

Agnes Rubuntja was born in 1960 in the famous Aboriginal artist community of Utopia, approximately 350km northeast of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.
Agnes is daughter of the renowned artist Sammy Rubuntja and niece of artist and political activist Wenton Rubuntja. Agnes is also sister to the prominent Utopian artist, Helen Rubuntja.
Agnes began painting her traditional dreaming, passed down from her ancestors in the early 2000’s. .

Agnes’ most prominent work’s are ‘Bush Leaves’ dreaming. However, like many Utopian women, Agnes paints Women’s ceremony, depicting the sacred rituals carried out by Utopian women.
Agnes’ illustration of Bush Leaves incorporates a myriad of colour, which starts at the centre of the artwork and blossoms out. The wave-like visual effect of the leaves on the canvas, creates a multi-dimensional depiction of the sacred, medicinal Bush Leaves found in Utopia.