Artist in Focus: CHRIS PEKEL

“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. You just have to keep going.”

That’s Chris’ reply when we asked him how he finds inspiration for his art.

Born in Melbourne in 1983 to artistic parents, he started painting at age seven. But it wasn’t until his mid 20s that he begun painting full time.

His dad acclaimed artist, Herman Pekel has a major influence on him. Chris has taken his father’s contemporary impressionism and developed his own modern impressionist works. These alternate between loose, almost abstract forms and realist images, many painted plein-aire around his home in Sydney. Utilising a mix of oils, acrylics and varnish glazes to create warm darks and bright colours, Chris’ works are characterised by large brush strokes, fine detailing and strong contrasts.

His latest work “Sydney Harbour”, oil on linen, signed and framed and measures 110cm x 232cm is lot 60 in our upcoming Totally Unreserved Art Auction happening on Easter Monday 28th March.