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How does absentee bidding work at a Live Auction?

When absentee bidding, you leave your maximum bid online and the system will bid incrementally on your behalf against all other bidders.
If your absentee bid outbids all other bidders, you will then will the item!
If your maximum bid is outbid during a timed auction or prior to a live auction commencing, you will be notified via email to give you the opportunity to increase your  maximum bid if you wish.


Lot 55 currently has no absentee bids with a starting price of $550. You leave a maximum absentee bid of $800.

Another bidder then bids $600 (as the bid increments in this example are going up by $50’s).

The system will then automatically exhaust the other bidder’s bid and you will become the highest bidder at the next bid increment of $650. If no one else out bids you, you will win this item for $650 hammer.

As such, depending on how much bidding activity there is on the piece, the bid amounts will either increase until your maximum bid is exhausted and you are outbid or until you win the item!