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How do I bid at a Live Auction?

Before the Live Auction commences, it is a requirement to register at our registration desk and obtain a bidding card. As a condition of registration, you will need to provide a current driver’s license or another form of photo identification, which is deemed acceptable.

You will then be given a bidder number that will be unique to you for that day. When you would like to place a bid on an item, you simply raise your bidders card (or hand) so that the auctioneer can acknowledge and record your interest.

If you can’t stay for the auction but would like to bid on items, you may also leave an absentee bid or register for a telephone phone. This is only available if you have registered on the day in person or through our website. Our auction staff are more than happy to assist. You can also bid live online from your computer or device (phone or tablet) during a Live Auction.

So if you cannot stay for the duration of the Live Auction you can still take part from where ever you are in the world! It’s fun and easy! Just make sure to check the minimum system requirements of your computer (listed above).