Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali born was born in 1904 and sadly died in 1989.

Dali experimented with nearly all known media from sculpture to painting.

Dali’s Oeuvre shows a constantly changing evolution of style. From his earliest impressionist works, through cubist, purist and surrealist influences, all the way into his classical Art, Dali continued to integrate a plethora styles into his work, creating a wondrous an eclectic whole.

His appetite for creation was vast, and over the years Dali spawned a multitude of works from a vast array of media.

Amongst them oils, watercolours, graphics, drawings, jewels, sculpture, his own writings, and many objects d’art. From his earliest works to his most astounding achievements, Salvador Dali showed a genius uniquely his, one that was translated into the world of art for all to behold.

There can be no doubt, Dali stand amongst the most acclaimed and talented artist of all time. His own vision and determination have set in motion an entire movement of thinking, and will continue to set high standards in art for many generations to come.