Esther Bruno Nangala

Esther Bruno Nangala was born around 1981 and comes from Papunya approximately 240 km northwest of Alice Springs. Esther is the granddaughter of Naata Nungarrayi, who played a prominent role in the desert art movement of Papunya Tula.

Esther learnt her dreaming from her grandmother, but has evolved into her own style, making her a renowned artist in her own right.

Esther’s dreaming is that of “Marrapinti’ which represents the sacred rock hole of her country. As the dreaming story goes, the sacred sites were formed at the time of creation.

Esther represents the sacred lands of her country in her story ‘Marrapinti’ with a vibrant use of colours and detail that jump off the canvas.

Esther’s use of bright, detailed dot work complemented with fine white dot work, make her works distinct and unique.